Weekly Meal Plan—October 2–8

I went a little October-crazy this week and planned to make chili even though the temperatures have only dipped below 80 once so far. On the other hand, we’re still clinging to summer with zucchini, tomatoes, and the dinkiest corn you ever saw. So this week’s plan is a little all over the place. … More Weekly Meal Plan—October 2–8


Weekly Meal Plan—July 17-23

After being on the road for fully half of this month, I am seriously hankering to be back in the kitchen. Also, seriously hankering for some healthy food. I did my best on my work trip and while on vacation, but it’s hard when you don’t know what’s going into your food! This week I abandoned my randomizer and just thought up meals that sounded simple, wholesome, and fresh. … More Weekly Meal Plan—July 17-23

Meal Planning 102

  Whoops! This is definitely not “next week” as I promised in my last post, but life happens, right? I also changed my mind: My “advanced” meal planning system doesn’t really warrant a 201 definition, but I think meal planning 102 describes it nicely. In Meal Planning 101 I described the system I use to … More Meal Planning 102

Meal Planning 101

Meal planning. Not the sexiest topic, I know. But really, the key to happiness—at least my happiness—is a nicely thought out weekly meal plan. Many of you who know me personally know that I am spreadsheet fanatic. I live and die by my spreadsheets, so of course I have one for weekly dinners. This is … More Meal Planning 101