Hello. I’m Lauren. I like all things fresh and full of flavor.

I started cooking when I was tall enough to reach the stove. My first recipe involved spaghetti, roast beef, green peppers, onions, and mozzarella (I’m Italian, ok?). I re-invented the Philly cheese steak, and it was delicious.

Thus began my journey through comestibles. My family always made home cooking a priority, so now, living in a small apartment with a smaller kitchen and even smaller cabinets, I make dinner a habit for myself and my fella, Chris. He’s a great taster and has even started to like kale and quinoa—who would have thought?

We’re both Southerners by birth and very fond of our home region. I grew up with a flourishing backyard garden, lovingly maintained by my parents, which instilled in me a love of all things fresh and local. I try to buy as locally and seasonally as possible to support our community and to get the best ingredients and value. I am also a relapsed vegetarian living with a steak-and-simple carbs type, so we compromise and eat meatless three to four nights per week. We also relish dining out, so be on the lookout for the occasional restaurant review.

I like to show my love through service to others, and food is just one way to do that. So stop, stay a while and sit a spell. There will be dinner on the table shortly.


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