Weekly Meal Plan—October 2–8

I went a little October-crazy this week and planned to make chili even though the temperatures have only dipped below 80 once so far. On the other hand, we’re still clinging to summer with zucchini, tomatoes, and the dinkiest corn you ever saw. So this week’s plan is a little all over the place.

  • Sunday, October 2: Between the shrimp and feta, arroz con pollo, and pierogi from last week, it’s leftover night!
  • Monday, October 3: Chris requested corn and tomatoes, so I’m making a favorite of mine: baked barbecue chicken. I didn’t like barbecue sauce one bit until I discovered Meathead Goldwyn’s recipe. I think I’ve mentioned this sauce before but it’s just so dang good!
  • Tuesday, October 4: Friend dinner night! Last week we went to Taqueria del Sol and I meant to snap a picture and write a quick blurb. Well, I was so hungry I ate all of my food before I even remembered to take a picture. Whoops.
  • Wednesday, October 5: Chili is one of my favorite foods. I’m going to try this recipe in the Crock-Pot and make some cornbread to go on the side.
  • Thursday, October 6: Something easy and light on a Thursday, and that final gasp of summer. These Mediterranean grilled zucchini boats fit the bill.
  • Friday, October 7: One more summery dish! I got this recipe for fish with mango salsa from a Publix recipe card—they are always surprisingly delicious and easy to make. Although I’m going to pick up the fish at our local Fresh Market after work on Friday; they seem to have a better selection.
  • Saturday, October 8: Now, ahh, fall. Using this recipe for dough and this recipe for filling inspiration, I’m going to make delightfully fall-y butternut squash ravioli. Why do I force myself to make homemade pasta? The world may never know.


That’s all from me! What is on your menu this week?


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