Weekly Meal Plan—July 24-30

Hello! Once again it’s that time (although a late time this week, sorry) for the weekly meal plan. I have a good mix of cuisines and meal types coming up this week, with a few chances for improvisation that may end up as recipes.

  • Sunday, July 24: I had Chris help shoot some pictures of a how-to guide I’m putting together. We ate the fruits of our labor for dinner, so stay tuned!
  • Monday, July 25: What’s more Southern and summery than fried catfish and tomatoes? Nothing, I tell you. I pan-fry mine with Cajun seasoning and a little cornmeal and serve them with plain sliced tomatoes. Simple and delicious.
  • Tuesday, July 26: I’m going to basically take this recipe and change everything about it. Instead of potatoes, I’m using eggplant, and I’ll be serving it over rice instead of in a taco.
  • Wednesday, July 27: If the weather holds, then it’s food trucks again!
  • Thursday, July 28: More recipe development! Trying my hand at zucchini noodles.
  • Friday, July 29: This is one of my favorite salad recipes of all time, courtesy of Cooking Classy. Fruit on salad is my thing, can’t you tell?
  • Saturday, July 30: This recipe for Caribbean vegetable curry sounds interesting. I’m going to pair it with rice noodles and we’ll see how it turns out!

I am still trying to get the hang of a good posting schedule, so thank you all for bearing with me. I have also increased my weekly running mileage by about 30% with more to come, so I have been very busy and a lot has slipped. Luckily, Chris is always there to help me out. As always, let me know what your weekly plans are in the comments!


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