Weekly Meal Plan—July 17-23

Finally life is calming down a little (just a little) and I can get back in the groove of meal planning. First, I was gone for a work conference, then home for a week, then last week we were in Lake Tahoe for our first vacation with just the two of us. Ever. How does one get to three years married/nine years together without having gone on a weeklong vacation alone? We’ve done weekend trips here and there but nothing so long. I’m proud to report we didn’t kill each other and life is looking good!

Anyway, after being on the road for fully half of this month, I am seriously hankering to be back in the kitchen. Also, seriously hankering for some healthy food. I did my best on my work trip and while on vacation, but it’s hard when you don’t know what’s going into your food! This week I abandoned my randomizer and just thought up meals that sounded simple, wholesome, and fresh.

  • Sunday, July 17: This salad by Not Without Salt is seriously inspiring. However, it’s not fig season (and I don’t like figs anyway), so I’m going to replace that part of the recipe with mixed blueberries and strawberries.
  • Monday, July 18: I have a billion errands to do on Monday (the after-vacation tax, right?) so I want to make something super simple but delicious. Publix has wild sockeye salmon on crazy sale this week (~$9/lb. Insanity!) so I’m going to make one of my favorite combinations: salmon and asparagus with a light creamy Parmesan sauce.
  • Tuesday, July 19: It’s peak summer vegetable season, so I’m looking to take advantage of it with this gorgeous ratatouille from The Food Charlatan. I don’t like using prepackaged mixes (just not my thing, nothing wrong with them, really), so I’m going to reinvent the wheel and use this spice mixture instead.
  • Wednesday, July 20: Food trucks!
  • Thursday, July 21: Recipe development day! Look for it on the blog in coming weeks! Hint: it involves chickpeas.
  • Friday, July 22: I used to have a strong aversion to barbecue sauce, but something changed and now I love it. This sauce recipe by Meathead Goldwyn (with a name like that, how can you not trust him?) is my favorite. I’m just going to slather it on some chicken legs and pop them in the oven for a bit. With pan-seared corn on the cob, sauteed green beans, and a cold beer, it’s a perfect and easy summer Friday dinner.
  • Saturday, July 23: What is this “being at home on a weekend” you speak of? This recipe for skillet-baked eggs and spinach from Bon Appetit is one of my favorites. Spicy, creamy, and healthy is a hard combo to pull off, but this eggs-for-dinner dish pulls it off amazingly.

That’s all for this week! Let me know your planning plans in the comments and look out for some new recipes coming up soon.


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